We have the equipment to make rain 40m x 100m if the budget allows, and have run, and operated, the largest Rain Rig in SA, spanning roughly 12m x 48m, and made rain covering an area roughly 25m x 62m. Our specialized Rain Rigs and Nozzles allow for rain effects ranging from small coverage, using handheld rain wands and free standing rain towers, to large scale coverage, using overhead rain rigs. This includes finer elements like water mist, water droplets, steam and condensation, and related elements like puddles and wet downs (road wetting) are included as well. For those shots that involve live action elements in the water, such as showers and swimming pools, we are able to provide water heating and filtration. Our Water Heaters can heat 5000 litres of water by 16 degrees Celsius in an hour which means an average pool can be heated in roughly 12 hours.

In addition to this, we own many reservoirs and water tanks for water storage, and we also fabricate our own tip tanks, dump tanks and wave cannons for simulating rough seas, smaller wave and swell simulation, and even ripples on a large scale. Waterfalls and water curtains are also covered by us.

Our equipment can be used in studio or on a remote location.